Exhibits & History


The Pleasant Valley Museum is housed in the building that was the Young Baptist Church.  When the Baptist congregation decided to build a new church building, the old church was moved across the parking lot to the current site and given to the Pleasant Valley Historical Society to set up a museum.


We have indoor and outdoor exhibits at the museum.  

Indoor exhibits include:  

Native American artifacts from the area and specifically from the Q Ranch Pueblo

Ranching exhibit

Pleasant Valley War

Branding display

Sawmills and Lumber Industry

Veteran's Display

Miss Ola's Room (first post mistress of Young)

Old time kitchen

and much more...

Outdoor exhibits include:

Old farm equipment

A replica of the Graham Cabin


and our new native plant exhibit...

Additional resources on the Pleasant Valley War

Legends of the Old West Podcast

A 6 part podcast on YouTube that gives the history of the Pleasant Valley War.